Things I did during lockdown one!

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I work part time on a seasonal contract, so from November to March I work full time on my business then March to November I work part time. I had only been back at work for 3 weeks before the lockdown started, so I just went back to my working from home routine minus trips out of course!
When lock down first started I honestly thought that things would get back to normal within a matter of weeks so I baked cakes, drank wine and ate too many avocados, and tried not to panic or read the news too much!
It then became very apparent that my assumptions of a swift return to normal life were vastly optimistic and a little naïve! So I started making a few goals and targets cause it looked like things were not going to change too quickly!
I embarked on a few creative projects for myself and for the business based on the whole optimism of rainbows with idea of social distancing and keeping going! I also made a rainbow for the front of the house from an old chunk of wood... it was nice to hear lovely comments about my rainbow as people walked passed on their one daily outing and to this day it has not yet been stolen.....unlike a potted tree that got stolen last year which I was livid about and am still struggling to come to terms with!
With lockdown setting in for the long haul I started making some long term business and personal goals and plans, things that I had been meaning to do for a long time but had never found the time or had always put off!
Here is what my list looked like:-
  • Make a website
  • Make a typeface,
  • Design some new pins 
  • Run 10k
  • 10,000 steps a day in June
A website is something that I was always getting asked about and I would always respond with "I have a Etsy shop" and felt slightly guilty about the fact that I didn't have a website. So I signed up for the Kim Lawler Zero to Shopify Course and started building the platform that you are perusing today!
A type face of my handwriting is something else I always get asked about and so I You tubed the shit out of how to do it.....its not perfect yet, its a work in progress!
I managed to get some get some new pins designed and made using wood instead of enamel. A wooden option is something that I had been researching for a while as I wanted to offer a more sustainable option and also offer an option that was made here in the UK with a shorter lead time.
I was keen to increase and improve my running and a 10k seemed like an achievable goal, which would give my running a bit more focus during lockdown. I have always enjoyed running and find that the movement helps with my ankylosing spondylitis, I am very lucky in the regards as a lot people hate running and find the impact too much on the joints. My training steadily progressed through lockdown and my distances increased so that I am now able to achieve a 10k comfortably whilst trying to improve my PB times!
As part of the 10k challenge that I set myself I also signed up for the Versus Arthritis 10,000 steps a day challenge in June. Whilst 10,000 steps might not seem like a lot to some people to those with Arthritis and longterm chronic health conditions it can be a big challenge. I managed to do it.....although some days I did have to march around the house to get the full steps in!
So I was relatively productive during the lockdown period and found a good balance between work and other activities. I achieved everything that I set out to do by the time I was required to return to work!                          

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