What does Hofficraft mean?

I am Welsh and Hoffi means like in Welsh, I am not really sure how the name actually happened, I don't really recall thinking about it too much....and now it's kind of stuck and difficult to change!

Can I request a portrait or commission piece of art work?

Sadly not, I realised a while ago that I got no joy from doing commissions! I find it stressful and time consuming and found that it sucked the joy out of creating!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! please get in touch, there are certain items that are difficult for me to supply wholesale if requested in large quantities, but do get in touch to discuss wholesale options - hofficraft@gmail.com

Where are your products made?

Most of my products are printed and made at home. I have a mug press, heat press and sublimation printer for my mugs and coasters. My cards and prints are all printed on an ink jet using carefully selected paper stocks. Clothing and textiles are all hand screen printed using non toxic water based inks. 

I do out source some printing at busy times and I also get my pins made from a UK based company that outsources to companies overseas.

Do you have you own studio?

Yes I have a little studio in the Garden called the Hoffice!

 What programmes and equipment do you use for your illustrations?

I still use a good old fashioned sketch book and pencil to thrash out ideas first before finalising illustrations on iPad pro with an iPencil. I use adobe illustrator, photoshop and light room for art work and editing.

Can you come to my market?  

Send me and email at hofficraft@gmail.com !

What do you do when you are not Hofficrafting?

Drink wine, gin or earl grey.

Stare out of windows.